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Playing Even Chances in Roulette using Roulette Key Gold software

Gambling on Roulette is not for everyone. This is not a get rich scheme and definitely not for Widows & orphans. Unless you are very lucky and careful you will lose.
My book and program may help you understand this boring but sometimes profitable game.
Many players treat it as a bit of fun sometimes profitable sometimes not.
During most sessions they may find themselves in profit at some point but then the majority find it difficult to stop,
there are no guarantees except "The longer you play the more likely you are to lose".

OK, that's the warning out of the way. I make no promises, hopefully I'll help you play better.
First of all what do we mean when we say even chances in Roulette ?

Ignoring the Zero the ball can either land on Odd or Even, High or Low, Red or Black.
For this example I'll look at the possible outcomes on the colours Red or Black

In one spin there are 2 possible outcomes

  1. Red
  2. Black

In two spins there are 4 possible outcomes

  1. Red, Red
  2. Red, Black
  3. Black, Red
  4. Black, Black
In three spins there are 8 possible outcomes

  1. Red, Red, Red
  2. Red, Red, Black
  3. Red, Black, Red
  4. Red, Black, Black
  5. Black, Red, Red
  6. Black, Red, Black
  7. Black, Black, Red
  8. Black, Black, Black

    Rather than type all the possibilities out the following calculations are

    In three spins there are 8 possible outcomes

    In four spins there are 16 possible outcomes

    In five spins there are 32 possible outcomes

    In six spins there are 64 possible outcomes

    In seven spins there are 128 possible outcomes

    In eight spins there are 256 possible outcomes

    In nine spins there are 512 possible outcomes

    Bearing all this in mind mightn't it be a feasible bet to bet against say Red repeating 9 times?
    Most of the time it won't happen. You may say it still has a 1 in 2 chance of appearing, theoretically it has or has it? One problem is that it is relatively easy to observe the normal even chances but what about the others ? Surely there are more than 6 types of even chance? So to wait for a run of 7 or more you may have to wait a long time. However, To make it easier RouletteKeyGold not only counts these normal even chances it also counts another 60 sets, 37 on the wheel, these are the consecutive numbers on the wheel.
    Many casinos have a facility for betting on 'Neighbours' so although it takes a little practice one can soon become adept at placing 18 small stakes on virually half the wheel.
    The Payout is the same as betting on a normal even chance if you bet 18 bets at 10 cents(pence) or whatever and win your return is $3.60 or £3.60. Exactly the same as if you won on Red, Odd etc.

    Not only does RKG count these even chances on the wheel it also counts more than twenty on the table! A bet on 18 numbers on the table can consist of three sixain bets
    For example on could bet on numbers 28-36, 4-9 & 16-21 if they'd slept the required amount.

    setting an alert for 8 on Even Chances in Roulette
    setting an alert for 8 on Even Chances in Roulette
    When the alert for Evens being set at 7 as above you will get an alert every time an even chance has 'slept' more than 7 times.
    The chances of this happening are quite rare and and on any one even chance the probability is only once in every 318 spins. In most versions of Roulette there are only 6 even chances these are: