23nd July 2016
A new download of RKG is ready,
I've changed the download address for security reasons so please keep it confidential.
To demonstrate the latest features:
Click on the new Neighbours button (above the wheel)

Now click on the following numbers 36,5,22,26,7,29,1,5,18,33,10 You will now see two pink boxes highlighted, at the top a long one and lower down one containing the number 7

next to dO & d32is the number 11.
Next to d15,d19, d4, d21 & d2 is the number 10.
This means the dozen numbers following have 'slept at least 10 spins.
The lower box contains the number 7, this represents the number of dozens that have met our criteria, in this case slept more than 9 times.
If as in this case the seven sleeping dozens are adjacent to each other this shows us half the wheel has 'slept'
To see which half of the wheel has 'slept' hold down the Alt key and left click on d0 (the top of the pink bar)
On the wheel you will now see half of it shaded from d0 (number 0)

A problem many of us have is relating the numbers on the table to the numbers on the wheel.
For example we might decide to bet on number 1 and if number 2 turns up we might think that was close.
Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact the numbers next to number 1 are 20 & 33 !
To see where any number is on the wheel right click on it then look at the wheel, a red marker will appear for a second or so.
In this example I've used the example of seven dozens representing half the table, I've had some success in setting the alert for neighbouring dozens and even chances both at 7. But please experiment and use your own preferred settings. You may like to bet on 15 numbers which would be indicated by just 4 adjacent dozens and 4 in the lower pink box.
The box bordered in white is 7 units high so can be dragged over any pink block to see how near half the table it is.