A New method of Betting on 24 numbers using RouletteKeyGold*

How to use RouletteKeyGold to identify 6 corner bets

The Theory
From the 37 numbers in Roulette there is there is an approximately 65% chance that any 24 numbers will appear.
So if any set of 24 numbers misses more than twice and that is the only set that has missed then there is a high likelihood of one of those 24 numbers coming in on the next spin. As you key the numbers from your Roulette game into RouletteKeyGold it keeps count of each set of 24 numbers, when just one such set has 'slept' more than any other set you may get an alert comprising of 6 circles as shown below:

A Real Worked Example
From a recent session at DublinBet
Click on the numbers the numbers 12,30,3

You will now see an alert for 6 corner bets as indicated by the circles below:
(In this example I received the alert after 3 spins. However, this is exceptional and its common to wait for 20 spins or more. )

This indicates that it may be time to place a bet on 24 numbers. Do this by placing 6 bets on four numbers, often referred to 'corner' bets.

  1. 1 unit on numbers 1,2,4,5
  2. 1 unit on numbers 7,8,10,11
  3. 1 unit on numbers 14,15,17,18
  4. 1 unit on numbers 20,21,23,24
  5. 1 unit on numbers 25,26,28,29
  6. 1 unit on numbers 32,33,35,36
    So bet 1 on 1,2,4,5 will look like this:

    So bet 2 on 7,8,10,11 will look like this, and so on:

    Placing all 6 corner bets costs us 6 units and covers 24 numbers.
    If it wins it returns 9 units but if it loses, in order to break even, one must treble the stake each time.
    All 6 bets are now placed successfully
    The bet on 7,8,10,11 wins as 7 appears and I win 9.00

    It's very important to realize that although mathematically this bet will win most of the time It might not !!,
    If it loses you must treble your stake.
    In this instance if my 6.00 bet had lost the next would be 18.00 if the second bet had lost the next would be 54.00!
    This method is designed for play at 'live' casinos, although for this demo I have used an 'RNG; (Random Number Generator) casino.
    If RNG casinos are fair and if you trust them then fine.
    However, many users do not trust RNG casinos.
    I wish I knew, the only guarantee I can make is that:
    the longer you play the more likely you are to lose!
    However, I do know that many users RKG, including myself, use it to supplement their pensions and use RKG responsibly and play well within their limits.

    *Another method of playing 24 numbers using Roulette Key Gold is The Prudential System (https://youtu.be/Ax3XtjrAQQk)